MA10860 La Crosse Technology

Smoke detector monitor

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  • Dimensions : 128 mm x 53 mm x 25.8 mm
  • Color : White
  • Alimentation : 2 x AA LR06 alkaline batteries (not included)
  • Battery life : 4 years

  • Details :
  • • Can learn up to 4 different CO or CO2 or Smoke detectors and will send a notification to mobile phone if the smode detectors alert.
  • • Go off if temperature exceeds 49 degree Celsius.
  • • Should be mounted at a wall close to ceiling in same room of smoke detector.
  • • Warning : this is not a smoke detector, but a smoke detector monitor. In order to make this product work at home, you must already have a smoke detector.

  • This sensor is produced to work with « MOBILE-ALERTS ». For using this sensor, MOBILE-ALERTS MA10000 gateway is requested.