La Crosse View

Connecting You to Your Home Anytime, Anywhere.

What is La Crosse View?

La Crosse View is a FREE and easy to use mobile app designed to help you monitor your home environment and backyard weather conditions while you're on the go. Paired with one of our connected weather stations and variety of add-on sensors, you'll be able to set custom alerts, view data history, share devices with family and friends, and so much more.

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How it Works

1. Sensor Data Collection

Using a radio transmission, sensors collect and transmit data wirelessly to your weather station display.

2. WiFi Connection

Your indoor display will connect to your home WiFi network. This allows the unit to send its data as well as receive additional Internet weather information.

3. Data Storage

Your weather station data is sent to our servers, where it is stored for access when you need it.

4. La Crosse View App

Access device data and receive mobile alerts on your smartphone or tablet anytime, anywhere.

App Features

On The Go Monitoring

Give yourself peace of mind with access to all of your home and weather information anytime, anywhere.

App Navigation

Custom Alerts

Free push notifications will alert you when conditions move outside of your set ranges.

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Detailed Graph Data

View and export data from all of your devices through the La Crosse View app.

Share Devices

Easily share device data with family and friends. Each user will be able to customize their own alerts and app layout.

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Expand Your System

Add-on sensors give you the ability to monitor different areas of your home, both inside and out. Protect what's important to you.

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Download the App Today

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Family Weather Station
La Crosse Technology
130.00 €
Family Weather Station LW3101 La Crosse Technology
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Professional Family weather station
La Crosse Technology
Professional Family weather station WS6862 La Crosse Technology
/P-5-A1-WS6863.html WS6863-BLA


Professional Family weather station
La Crosse Technology
190.00 €
Professional Family weather station WS6863 La Crosse Technology
/P-6-A1-WS6837.html WS6837BLA-WHI


Family Weather Station
La Crosse Technology
Family Weather Station WS6837 La Crosse Technology
/P-5-A1-WS6869.html WS6869-WHI-MEG


Professional Family weather station
La Crosse Technology
Professional Family weather station WS6869 La Crosse Technology