Ordering Options and Accessories

To order accessories and options compatible with the various appliances, you must at first check the product data thus to find out which option and/or accessory will match your needs..

Most Options and accessories can only be ordered once by on demand, as there is no point in owning several same items.

In the case of bulk orders, you only need to make several orders.

This applies particularly to " Météo Pro "

Example :
For the references WS7000A - WS7000B - WS7001 - WS2200 - WS2500

The following items need not be ordered more than once, and are mainly for replacements and in special cases in addition to main orders :

  • WS7000-11 : Screen Météo Pro version WS7000A
  • WS7001-11 : Screen Météo Pro version WS7001
  • WS2200-11 : Screen Météo Pro version WS2200
  • WS2500-11 : Screen Météo Pro version WS2500
  • WS7000-13 : PC Interface connection connectable to references WS7001 - WS7000A - WS2200
  • WS7000-16 : Rain meter
  • WS7000-15 : Anemometer
  • WS7000-17 : HQ Repeater
  • WS7000-20 : Indoor sensor Thermo-Hygro with barometer

For the other Thermo-Hygro ultrasounds of this meteo pro, the total purchase for each order can be up to 9, of any type of ultrasound including the WS-7000-20 (see above).

For the series WS2300 - WS2305
It's also the case for :

  • WS2300-11 : Screen Météo Pro version WS2300
  • WS2305-11 : EScreen Météo Pro version WS2305
  • WS2300-15 : Anemometer
  • WS2300-16 : Rain meter
  • WS2300-25 : Outdoor Thermo-Hygro sensor